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How to Quickly Find a Reliable Microsoft Azure Provider in Charlotte, NC

Microsoft Azure provider in Charlotte NC

When it comes to using Microsoft products like Azure, you might run into a lot of difficulties. The main issue is not necessarily that Azure makes your workflow difficult – on the contrary, it can greatly help your business improve and thrive – but that it consists of about 200 different tools, and in the case of some of them, you’ll need the support of a dependable Azure provider to learn how to implement and use them for your business.

Where Should You Start?

Charlotte, NC is a great place to find a dependable and knowledgeable Microsoft Azure provider and counseling service. You can start by checking local directories that provide information and contact details on local services and can help you select the one that’s best for your company.

Whether it’s your goal to use AI in order to improve your business, or you’re just looking to benefit from the basic platform with features such as advanced security and improved cloud analytics, you’ll find it easy to locate the perfect Microsoft Azure service by keeping track of what you need and comparing different Charlotte based services depending on what they can offer and how relevant their solutions are to your business and workflow.

Determine What You Want

You have to create a list that will include every service and every part of the Azure platform that you need help with. Do you already have employees that specialize in certain software like the networking or CDN services? In that case, you might not need to outsource for better support in those areas; however, you might still need help with security, cloud computing, IoT data and other aspects.

Make your list as detailed as possible, and if necessary, do some research on all the different components of the Azure platform. That way, you will have a clear basis and an essential resource for comparing Microsoft Azure providers in Charlotte NC.

Comparing Services

To compare services, start by looking up the official website or making a note of the description of the Azure businesses that you want to consider. The goal is to find information about what they specialize in regarding the Microsoft Azure platform and which specific tools they can help you master the quickest. Some might specialize in hybrid cloud solutions, while others are better at handling security services or AI machine learning. This is where the details associated with the list you made will really come in handy.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for a Microsoft Azure provider in Charlotte NC, it’s time to do the heavy lifting of actually comparing their companies and services. Check to see which of them has the most experience with Azure. Also, it would help to find out if you’re dealing with a larger company with impersonal support or a smaller business that offers a more dedicated service with specific focus on the Azure platform. The latter would generally be a better option, if you want to make sure you get the best support.

Ultimately, you’ll also know which Azure provider offers the best support based on reviews and testimonials from company representatives that have had firsthand experience with the company. By reading through accounts and complaints you can form a clear picture of which Charlotte, NC company will suit your business best.


Turn Up the Volume on Your Pool Party with a Quality Set of Waterproof Speakers

volume up bluetooth speakers waterproof outdoor fun


As you prepare for your exciting pool party, you’ll want to make sure all the details are accounted for. When it comes to the music, you might want to consider using a pair of high quality waterproof speakers for creating an impressive stereo sound system that just floats on top of your pool. Alternatively, you can even turn your entire pool into a larger system featuring a much greater number of outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speakers.


Preparations for Your Exciting Pool Party


As you prepare for your pool party, you’ll want to make sure that you have invitations for all your guests and that you have the area where the party will be held properly prepared. The swimming pool will be the central player, as you’ll definitely want to make sure that it’s completely clean, that there’s no problem with the lighting and that the guests will have enough areas to sit and mingle.


You might consider your backyard oasis, if your pool is located there, or you could have a beautiful garden in your front yard right next to your barbecue, outdoor kitchen and swimming pool. Regardless of the layout, make sure that the area is clean, well-decorated and ready to receive some guests.


If you have kids, you might want to consider leaving them with your parents for the night or having a babysitter over and making sure that they don’t stay up past their bedtime even if there’s music playing downstairs.


Also, don’t forget to plan for quality food and snacks, your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, pool accessories that your guests will love (such as beer holders, LED lights and waterproof playing cards), and of course, the music playlist that you’ll be playing during the party.


How Waterproof Speakers Can Improve your Experience


Waterproof speakers can turn your pool party from moderately fun to completely ecstatic and happening. Aside from the fact that they will turn your swimming pool into a fun dance floor alight with colorful LET lighting that comes from the speakers themselves as well as the underwater lights you’ve set up beforehand, the speakers will also float around as they’re carried by the water current created by people swimming around, so the 3D sound experience will keep on changing.


If you set up a sound system controlled through Bluetooth from your smartphone and featuring a number of different waterproof speakers, you can make them sound even more amazing by placing only a few of them into the water and keeping some of them hidden in various places around the swimming pool, in the garden, on trees and walls and on various surfaces. If it’s night time, the magic effect will be complete when you cover or turn off the lights on some of the speakers, so it will seem like the sound is just coming from everywhere all at once.


Your wireless waterproof speakers basically have the potential to steal the show, and they can really get the party going if you give them a real chance to do so.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring an Executive Headhunter?

recruitment agencies

Hiring an executive recruiter or headhunter can be a very practical solution to the issue of how to populate your company with a capable workforce. Unfortunately, as with any type of outsourcing, it doesn’t always work. So let’s take a closer look at exactly what the strong and weak points are to hiring an executive recruiter, and whether or not you should consider it.

The Benefits of Hiring an Executive Headhunter

When you hire an executive headhunter or recruitment agencies, you might think that outsourcing the job of finding new talent for your company is not a good idea. However, once you find out just how much the best executive recruitment agencies can do for you, it could be that you’ll change your mind entirely:

  • You won’t have to waste time on setting up job interviews or waste resources and manpower in assigning the task to your own employees.
  • Recruiters are typically better at finding new candidates than even your HR department, so they might actually be a better option overall.
  • A reliable recruiter can easily spot a candidate trying to sneak his/her way into your company by faking their skills or being overconfident.
  • You won’t have to worry about screening candidates or coming up with unique, relevant lists of questions for the job interviews, as the company will take care of all that for you.
  • Many recruiters also have their own locations for conducting interviews and tests, so they won’t have to use up your training areas to do all that.

Considering the Disadvantages

Finding executive recruitment agencies might be a great idea in most cases, however it’s not always an endeavor that is crowned with success. While there are no objective disadvantages to hiring an executive recruiter, there may be some cons involved with the specific process of finding candidates for your company.

Since every recruitment process is unique, in some cases the involvement of an executive recruiter can lead to an impaired effort. For example, if the company can’t understand your vision and the unique positions that you’re making available for candidates, then they could recommend the wrong candidates in the first place. Alternatively, it’s possible that the recruitment process will drag on, especially when the company isn’t sure of what approach might be best.

In such cases, it’s typically best for you and your most trusted managers to conduct job interviews yourself and avoid outsourcing the task to a recruiter.

The Bottom Line

An executive headhunter will not be suitable for all types of jobs, and there are specific jobs where you will have to use your own vision and find the right candidate yourself. However, when finding workers for most positions, the presence of an executive recruiter can really help you out by saving you a lot of time, money and resources overall.

A convenient solution to a question that is never too easy to answer, hiring an executive recruiter can be an excellent asset, so long as you do your research properly, hire the right expert, and are able to properly convey the message about what you really need.

How to Find Cost Effective Commercial Lighting

The new LED lighting technology is addressed to residential, commercial and industrial consumers. It has evolved a lot, considering that 10 years ago, LED lighting was very expensive and its efficiency was much lower.

LEDs were initially used for decorative lighting with LED strips and low power LED bulbs. Over time, renowned electronic equipment manufacturers have been involved in the development of the new technology, managing to increase the efficiency of LEDs, developing technologies that reach even up to 180 lumens per watt.

Currently, LEDs are used in many applications: home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, street lighting, sports arena lighting etc.

There is a lot to say about commercial lighting, but LED lighting is an excellent solution not only due to energy savings, but also due to the Color Rendering Index. If the CRI is not high enough, then the color of the clothes / shoes / food displayed in the stores is distorted, and when customers go out in daylight they will be disappointed with the purchased products, which will look different than inside the store.

The color temperature also matters when it comes to effective commercial lighting. It is measured in Kelvin degrees. Manufacturers come up with LEDs in various color temperatures, between 2700K and 12000K. It would be advisable for a store not to opt for either too warm or too cold light. Somewhere between 4000K and 5000K white light is similar to daylight and represents the ideal choice.

These are the things that make the difference, but the most important criteria are maintenance and reducing the electricity costs. It is much more convenient replace a bulb once every 5 years, than to change bulbs every month (incandescent, halogen, economic bulbs – they all have significantly reduced life spans compared to LED bulbs). As about consumption, a 100W incandescent bulb can be successfully replaced with a LED bulb of maximum 9W, because the luminous flux can make the difference.

wholesale LED lighting

What should the customer pay attention to, when choosing led bulbs and fixtures for commercial lighting?

People must pay attention to the quality of the LEDs. However, the average consumer cannot realize the quality at first sight. A quality LED projector and a seemingly mediocre LED projector look the same, but if you are curious to open them, inside you will notice differences in the LED chip, transformer, radiator etc.

How can you find affordable commercial lighting?

When you have a commercial space, you need a lot of light bulbs and lighting fixtures, so buying them can be quite expensive. Choosing LED technology will allow you to make substantial savings on the long run. But in addition, you can opt for purchasing commercial lighting in bulk, from wholesalers. They sell wholesale LED lighting products purchased directly from the manufacturers and the prices will obviously be lower. In addition, you can benefit from advice to identify the best lighting options for your needs, and also from discounts if you become a loyal customer or buy products of a certain value.

What are the Best Mobility Scooters

mobility scooter Denver

For people who need stability and extra support, a 3-wheel electric medical scooter is extremely useful. It is indicated mostly for those who cannot move around so easily anymore because of mobility issues, allowing them to easily reach the yard, stores, community centers and park. With the help of such a device, the quality of life of people who spend a lot of time in bed or who cannot move for various reasons will definitely increase.

There are several types of scooters, according to size, functionalities and brands, but a medium-sized scooter, with standard equipment is probably the most suitable choice. Such a scooter is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors and has a comfortable and padded seat, seatback for supporting lumbar area and a shopping basket.

The control is ensured by a dashboard, in the handlebar area. There is no need for special permits or registration to use a medical 3-wheel electric scooter, because its 180W engine with transmission will only reach about 9 km/ h. The small and hard wheels measure about 20 cm and allow relatively easy passage over bumps. This type of scooter has 12 Ah batteries that charge in about 6 hours. An average scooter carries loads up to 150 kg and it has front lighting with LEDs, as well as brakes for safe circulation on public roads.

In general, medium-sized scooters can be disassembled for  easy transportation in the trunk of a car and convenient storage.

Used medical scooters – are they worth being considered?

Used medical scooters can be found online, on the sales listing pages. However, in order to buy a good product, at a decent price, we suggest you to thoroughly investigate each offer, as prices are often inflated and become very close to the prices of new products. Also, considering that when you shop online, you mostly buy from people and not from companies, you are very unlikely to receive a warranty, so you will not be covered if the device fails once you have purchased it.

Rarely, you can find models sold at low prices by people for whom they are no longer needed, but such ads are rare and require some luck to be discovered.

Medical scooters for rent

If the person using the scooter only has some temporary medical problems, it would be better to consider a medical mobility scooter Denver rental option, as it is more cost-effective than purchasing one. There are companies that rent medical scooters, and the rates vary greatly depending on the models, performance and additional equipment. In order to rent a medical scooter, you will have to provide information about the user (the height and weight), the intended use (indoor, outdoor), as well as the location where it will be delivered and from where it will be taken at the end of the rental period.

Questions you should ask before renting a medical scooter:

  • What happens if the battery discharges while I use the scooter?
  • What scooter size you recommend me?
  • Do you offer cancellation insurance or scooter damage insurance? If not, what happens if I have to cancel my trip for which I rented the scooter, or if the scooter is lost or damaged?

Advantages To Using Dry Pet Stain Powders?

Hardwood Floors Carpeting Best Pet Urine CleanerThe problem of urinating in places they are not allowed (bed, sofa, carpet) frequently occurs in pets, even when they are trained. Sometimes it is about carelessness, other times about some health problems you animal confronts with. In any case, urine stains are a very unpleasant thing to deal with, especially since the smell is going to last a long time, even after you think you have cleaned the, and that is because the regular cleaning solutions can only dilute the urine and temporarily mask the smell.

Pet urine, especially if it soaks into porous surfaces and textile materials (carpets, upholstery, etc.) is very difficult to get rid try the best cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floors. You can bloat a fresh urine stain and use additional cleaning products to dilute it further, but some compounds will remain there, deep into the material or surface your pet urinated on, and will continue to produce the specific smell you want so badly to get rid of.

What should be done in this case?

First of all, you need to purchase a special detergent. We recommend dry pet stain powders, because there are significant benefits related to them:


Dry pet stain powders are formulated with enzyme, which are organic compounds, present in living cells, which direct the processes of synthesis and degradation in the organisms of humans, animals, plants and microorganisms. Thanks to the enzymes, we obtain a thorough and total cleaning, compared to the classic products.


We are often convinced that the chemical cleaning solutions that we have at home are stronger than enzyme-based alternatives, but that is not the case. Enzymes feed on organic compounds, so they will break down the urine stain and consume it until nothing is left. Using the enzymes in the process of cleaning the various interior surfaces ensures real cleaning performance, as well as the protection of the user, these products having a neutral pH.


Enzymes, together with the renewable raw materials used in the formulation of this type of cleaning solutions, create innovative formulas that protect the environment, combining efficiency and respect for nature. In addition, these products are safe for humans, pets and plants.

Other benefits of dry pet stain powders

  • Efficiency against stains and foul smell of urine
  • Preventing pets from urinating again in the same place; this is possible because these enzymatic products break down uric acid crystals for complete elimination, and, in the end, the smell of urine will no longer be noticeable, not even for the animals. Also, some of these products also contain pheromone blockers, which play the same role in preventing recurrences.
  • No alcohol or solvent content
  • High efficiency against fresh stains but also against old and already dry stains
  • Urine stains are removed without leaving traces, on hard or soft surfaces
  • Dry pet stain powders are recommended by veterinarians

Using such products and get the desired results is in strict compliance with the manufacturer`s recommendations printed on each packaging. Make sure you respect them, otherwise, there is a risk that certain surfaces will be damaged in the process.

What is the Best Wildflower Seed for Texas and Oklahoma?

The garden you do not have to look after seems a nice dream, but it is actually very achievable if you opt for planting wildflowers. Due to its wild, natural aspect, such a garden will integrate very easily in the surrounding landscape and will also offer you peace, relaxation and fun. A wild garden can be designed to match yards of holiday homes as well as yards of permanent homes. Easy to maintain, it is a green oasis and a great habitat for insects and birds.

The first step in setting up a wildflower garden is cleaning the soil and removing all the debris and roots of harmful plants and weeds. This preparation step is of great importance in the case of a wild garden. A rich soil supports and maintains the development of plants without the need for repeated watering, fertilization and additional care.

Another important aspect in the arrangement of a wildflower garden is the performance of a test, in order to identify the soil type and flower species recommended for it. If you live in Texas or Oklahoma, it is good to opt for flowers that grow naturally in these places, being adapted to the conditions offered by the soil and the local climate.

In Texas, the climate is diverse, ranging from arid and semi-arid in the western part to humid and subtropical in the east. There are various weather patterns considering the huge expanse of the state.

Texas shares its north border with Oklahoma, another state with a great amount of climate variation, generally influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. Both states have areas affected by extreme weather, such as tornados.

wildflower mix for bees

The particular climate variation creates a distinctive environment for beautiful wildflowers, which are different from those in other areas of the United States. This is a fact acknowledged by botanists. The advantages of having a wildflower garden in this area include that most of these species are easy to grow, require low maintenance, are great for mass planting and have extended bloom time. They can be grown in full sun as well as in half sun/ half shade and can also contribute to the development of local eco-systems, being friendly to bees, butterflies and birds. There is even a specific wildflower mix for bees if you are interested in making honey.

Here are some of the most popular species of wildflowers and in Texas and Oklahoma:

  • Cornflower / Bachelor Button (Cyanus Centaurea)
  • Lance-Leaf Coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata)
  • African Daisy (Dimorphotheca sinuata)
  • Texas Bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis)
  • Showy Evening Primrose (Oenothera speciosa)
  • Drummond Phlox (Phlox drummondi)
  • Yellow Prairie Coneflower (Ratibida columnaris)
  • Moss Verbena (Verbena tenuisecta)
  • Scarlet Sage (Salvia coccinea)
  • Clasping Coneflower (Rudbeckia amplexicaulis)

More gardening references for those who want to plant a wildflower garden in Texas or Oklahoma

  • “Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas” – G. Diggs, B. Lipscomb, R. O’Kennon
  • “Wildflowers of Texas Field Guide” – Nora and Rick Bowers, Stan Tekiela
  • “Wildflowers of Texas” – G. Ajilvsgi
  • “The Guide to Oklahoma Wildflowers” – P. Folley
  • “Field Guide to Oklahoma Plants” – R. Tyrl, T. Bidwell, R. Masters
  • “Roadside Wildflowers of Oklahoma” – D. McCoy



How Does Online Appointment Software Work?

Any organization, whether private or public, large or small, providing services to individual customers or working with corporate clients, works based on schedules, accurate scheduling being an essential component of success. While appointments can be kept track of using paper-based agendas or standard office software, online scheduling solutions are much more efficient, very easy to learn and to use and they reduce the risk of overbooking as well. Here is how these solutions work.

What Is, in fact, an Online Appointment Software?

Online scheduling appointment software solutions take the functionalities offered by more traditional, desktop-based solutions one step further, allowing users to access the tool and use it from any device connected to the internet. This type of hosted software solutions is usually subscription-based, meaning that the company or the organization that wants to implement it pays a monthly or yearly fee to the provider of the appointment tool for being allowed to use the tool.

appointment software

How Do These Tools Work in Customer Relationships?

After the subscription process is complete, the tool then can be added to the subscriber company’s website, either in the form of a widget that accesses the tool upon clicking or as a separate menu. The implementation is usually a straightforward process, with clear and easy-to-follow steps and the launching of the tool is equally easy. Once the installation and integration are complete, online appointment solutions allow users, such as individual customers, students or patients, to access the scheduling module any time, not only during office hours, and they can select the time slot of their appointment. The software records the appointments already made and if a user wishes to select a time or a venue that is already booked, the system will inform the user about the unavailability of the selected time slot and will recommend alternative slots.

How Do These Tools Work for Internal Scheduling?

Internal bookings and appointments are parts of the daily work in most companies. Managers of a specific department set up meetings with managers from other departments, team members make appointments with each other or with their managers, conference rooms and office equipment also need to be booked, shifts need to planned, vacations or time off work needs to be taken into account to ensure streamlined operation. Online appointment solutions can be configured to handle all these processes in a smooth, automatized or semi-automatized manner. Choosing a software that offers the right type of functionalities will make sure that the company will be able to reduce to the minimum the risk of issues that arise from poor organization, such as overbooked conference rooms, poorly managed shift work, overlapping meeting.

How to Choose Your Online Appointment Solution

The process should start with an evaluation of the organizations special requirements. Fortunately, most appointment tools can be efficiently customized to these requirements, modules can be added or modified and the user interface can be personalized as well. The best tools are scalable, too, meaning that they can grow and their complexity can be increased in line with the company’s growth.

To make sure that you choose the best tool, pick a product that offers free testing – that way you can make the final decision based on experience.

Surgical Instruments All Hospitals Require

The need to provide quality healthcare requires the adoption of appropriate legislation that creates the appropriate organizational framework. Starting from the principle that health is our most important asset, we must become aware of it so that we do not appreciated only when it is lost. This requires a certain quality of living and an appropriate educational level of the population. In addition, it is necessary to increase the contribution of prophylactic medicine, which is the most effective and profitable for the patient. However, considering that sooner or later, the health condition becomes affected no matter what we do, the best and most efficient treatment conditions must be ensured.

Ensuring adequate surgical assistance implies, depending on the type of pathology, the participation of specialized echelons. For practical and economic reasons, the surgical service is organized by specialty, and each specialty by sectors: ambulatory, stationary, operating block, sterilization station and intensive care service.

orthopedic surgical instruments

In order to perform the surgical interventions, from the simplest to the most complicated, in addition to multiple equipment and sanitary supplies, various surgical instruments are also required. Over time, increasingly improved surgical instruments have been created and manufactured to meet the needs of the surgeons. For instance, there are orthopedic surgical instruments favored and more often used by orthopedists. As such, there are many types of surgical instruments, but each hospital is required to have at least the most commonly used. The classification can be made according to different criteria:

  • Surgical specialty (general surgery, thoracic surgery, cardio-vascular surgery, minimally invasive surgery, urology, obstetrics-gynecology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dentistry etc.)
  • Usage (usual or special)
  • Duration of use (reusable or disposable)
  • Place of use (kits with a specific purpose: for first aid, for doctors’ offices, for ambulatories of different surgical specialties, for different types of surgical interventions)
  • Finally, the type of approach, classic or videoscopic, should also be mentioned, since most of the instruments from classical surgery correspond to laparoscopic surgery instruments

But the most detailed classification is according to the purpose of the surgical instruments. Hospitals typically purchase surgical instruments in bulk because they are used in most areas of the surgical service.

Tissue cutting tools

  • the classic scalpel and its derivatives: single-use scalpel or reusable, with detachable blade, with particular shapes etc.
  • the amputation knife
  • straight or curved surgical scissors, with pointed or sharp tip and of different dimensions
  • osteotomes
  • chisels
  • blades type with or without frame, Gigli type, electric, pneumatic
  • electric cutter for sectioning and hemostasis
  • ultrasound scalpel
  • laser scalpel

Exploration tools

  • grooved probe
  • hysterometer

Instruments for grasping and manipulating tissues

  • anatomical pliers
  • surgical pliers
  • heart pliers
  • Babckok pliers
  • Chaput tissue grasping forceps
  • straight and curved coprostatic pliers
  • anastomotic Line-Thomas pliers

Hemostasis tools

  • pean hemostatic clamp artery forceps
  • Kocher pliers
  • Mosquito pliers
  • Halsted clamp
  • Guyon vessel clamp
  • Satinski anastomosis clamps
  • bulldog clamps – Dieffenbach type


  • Farabeuf retractor
  • valves of different shapes and sizes
  • autostatic separators of different types (Gosset, Dartigues, Finochetto, Collin)
  • anal dilator
  • vaginal speculum

Suture tools

  • Hagedorn round and triangular needles
  • atraumatic needles
  • metal clips of different types
  • Mathieu needle port
  • Hegar needle port
  • rechargeable or disposable staplers for mechanical or circular sutures


Look for an Online Drum Store

Those who become passionate about learning to play drums will find out sooner or later that this hobby is not cheap at all, considering that a percussion kit is an expensive instrument that will make you pay about a couple of hundred dollars – that if you are not very pretentious and are ok with a standard kit made by a no name brand.

Luckily, the internet brought selling musical instruments at a completely new level and it is much easier today to purchase what you need and also find the best deals.

online drum store

Shopping online makes everything easy. You can browse through different stores and selling platforms, find different instruments and accessories, new or second hand, read comprehensive information about them and compare. You can also identify stores in your area that you did not knew about and this way you can save the money you would normally pay for transportation.

Comparing multiple items is a feature that allows you to find the best drum set you can afford – which is something you could not do two decades ago, when you had considerably fewer resources to help you set up your mind.

There are several popular places to buy percussion instruments online and they include renowned music stores as well as platforms such as Amazon and eBay, plus hundreds of other local and regional shops where you can also find sales and get discounts.

When you start looking for an online drum store, you must know what you want.

Arm yourself with information

The best shop is the one where you can find what you need and for the best possible price. Therefore, before choosing one and making a purchase, shop intelligently. Browse websites and catalogues to study products and see which ones are right for you – for the music you want to play and for the money you have in your pocket. If you are looking for a unique instrument (vintage), you can research on drums companies, consult guides or subscribe to magazines providing the information you need.

An online drum store will offer information on all their products, but it might be subjective and sometimes the seller`s descriptive powers can exceed the quality of the product itself. You can protect yourself precisely by being informed and ask the right questions to determine the value of the instrument.

Make sure the store is registered and offers safe methods of payment

You should be concerned about the safety of your money, so the store you buy from should take a reversible form of payment and respect the legal procedures when it comes to formulating its return policy and other important aspects. Remember that credit cards are protected and most have a guaranteed refund, but online checks, personal checks or money orders are not, so there is a risk, if you are not careful enough, that the seller disappears with your money.

Backing out of a deal

When you purchase from an online drum store, you must be sure that you can return the instrument if you are not happy about it. You should be allowed to return any instrument, new or second hand, so make sure the shop has a clear return policy, or negotiate it in advance and in writing.

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