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Welcome to my knife shop. Here you will find some samples of my work. And sometimes you will find knives that are on hand for sale. Please check on availability before purchasing, because I sometimes don’t get back from a show with the knives that are listed on the site. You can e-mail or call for info. You will usually talk to Denise, as I have no phone in the shop.



Look for an Online Drum Store

Those who become passionate about learning to play drums will find out sooner or later that this hobby is not cheap at all, considering that a percussion kit is an expensive instrument that will make you pay about a couple of hundred dollars – that if you are not very pretentious and are ok with a standard kit made by a no name brand.

Luckily, the internet brought selling musical instruments at a completely new level and it is much easier today to purchase what you need and also find the best deals.

online drum store

Shopping online makes everything easy. You can browse through different stores and selling platforms, find different instruments and accessories, new or second hand, read comprehensive information about them and compare. You can also identify stores in your area that you did not knew about and this way you can save the money you would normally pay for transportation.

Comparing multiple items is a feature that allows you to find the best drum set you can afford – which is something you could not do two decades ago, when you had considerably fewer resources to help you set up your mind.

There are several popular places to buy percussion instruments online and they include renowned music stores as well as platforms such as Amazon and eBay, plus hundreds of other local and regional shops where you can also find sales and get discounts.

When you start looking for an online drum store, you must know what you want.

Arm yourself with information

The best shop is the one where you can find what you need and for the best possible price. Therefore, before choosing one and making a purchase, shop intelligently. Browse websites and catalogues to study products and see which ones are right for you – for the music you want to play and for the money you have in your pocket. If you are looking for a unique instrument (vintage), you can research on drums companies, consult guides or subscribe to magazines providing the information you need.

An online drum store will offer information on all their products, but it might be subjective and sometimes the seller`s descriptive powers can exceed the quality of the product itself. You can protect yourself precisely by being informed and ask the right questions to determine the value of the instrument.

Make sure the store is registered and offers safe methods of payment

You should be concerned about the safety of your money, so the store you buy from should take a reversible form of payment and respect the legal procedures when it comes to formulating its return policy and other important aspects. Remember that credit cards are protected and most have a guaranteed refund, but online checks, personal checks or money orders are not, so there is a risk, if you are not careful enough, that the seller disappears with your money.

Backing out of a deal

When you purchase from an online drum store, you must be sure that you can return the instrument if you are not happy about it. You should be allowed to return any instrument, new or second hand, so make sure the shop has a clear return policy, or negotiate it in advance and in writing.

Evaluating the Types of Coffee Beans You Can Buy – What Makes a Good Coffee Bean?

Figuring out what makes a good coffee bean is no easy feat. Even though commercially only two basic types of coffee beans are available, there are many other considerations to keep track of as well.

Some of these have to do with the way in which the coffee is grown, while others are about the use of ground versus whole beans. The taste, the nutrient content, the absorption of the coffee and a number of other important details will all change depending on which choices you make regarding the coffee beans you buy.

The Two Main Types of Coffee Beans

When talking about commercially available coffee beans, there are only two varieties you can truly get: Robusta and Arabica. Understanding the differences and similarities between these coffee beans will help you make a more informed choice about what you buy.

Arabica is typically known to be a higher grade bean, however, its taste and level of quality will depend on how it is grown and ground. Robusta also has its own unique qualities, for instance, having a greater content of caffeine (2.7% compared to 1.5% for Arabica), containing a greater concentration of the antioxidant CGA and being more robust as a plant.

When it comes to the taste, however, Arabica is known to have the edge. Aside from that, it’s also healthier, offering a more balanced energy boost, and it features fewer lipids, so it won’t affect your health as much as Robusta coffee beans would.

whole bean coffee

Ground vs. Whole Beans

Ground coffee is a great choice if you don’t have much time, or if you don’t own a proficient coffee or espresso maker. The idea behind buying ground coffee is that it allows you to prepare relatively good quality coffee at a lower cost and without putting in much effort.

At the same time, however, ground coffee is overly processed, and it’s not the freshest or best tasting coffee in the shop. Fortunately, you can still get pretty good quality out of them by checking the consistency of the grounds.

What makes a good coffee bean, ultimately, is the level of freshness your coffee has. For espresso and drip coffee, the best type of coffee you can consider buying is the kind that was grounded only moments before it was to be used. As a result, buying whole beans still remains the best choice you can make, and ensuring that the coffee you buy hasn’t been on the shelf for too long is also a very important prerequisite. Buy coffee online for fresh options.

The Importance of Buying Organic Coffee

The quality and health benefits of your coffee is, of course, far more essential than the types of coffee you consider buying. Regardless of whether you prefer Robusta or Arabica, the best coffee is organic and properly tended to.

Also, aside from the importance of making sure your coffee is organic, it’s worth considering dark roasts. These have a lower caffeine concentration, so many experts refer to medium-dark coffee roasts to be the best type of coffee you can buy.

What makes a good coffee bean is the combination of all these factors, so it’s less important to track a single variable and ignore the rest, and more important to get coffee beans that are associated with a balanced blend of all the benefits listed here.

Why Buy Pull Out Shelves for Use in Kitchen Cabinets?

Why buy pull out shelves when you can consider a traditional kitchen design that will provide you with more or less the same functions and qualities? As opposed to traditional kitchens, modular kitchen designs are far more fashion-forward and practical. In 2018, blending practical qualities with trendy aspects is considered the norm when it comes to home improvement and renovation practices.

So if you want your home to look great and offer you an excellent opportunity for cooking faster and organizing your utensils and ingredients, a quality kitchen cabinet with pull out shelves is one of the best choices you can make.

Why Are Pull Out Shelves so Popular?

First of all, let’s take a closer look at exactly what pull out shelves really are. They are essentially drawers that are installed inside kitchen cabinets or under countertops. You can pull them out and access the entire contents with ease.

There are many things that make pull out shelves popular. Let’s start with their immense array of practical possibilities. Once you install a shelf or a set of shelves in your cabinet, you can easily pull them out and access anything inside without any hassle. Moreover, pull out shelves offer you the chance to store all the many essential ingredients and items that used to linger around your kitchen counter. In a small kitchen area, they can be an invaluable asset.

Another quality of  pull out cabinet shelves is that they can easily be replaced if they are damaged or if you just want a new design. They’re affordable, and once you buy a replacement you don’t have to go through the trouble of installing the brackets once again.

pull out cabinet shelving

Finally, pull out shelves can also be transformed into a cabinet organizer that will give you unique and practically usable compartments for just about any item you want to store.

But why buy pull out shelves in stores at all, when you can find affordable or even free alternatives in some cases? Buying pull out shelves brand new will land you with a high quality product, a good warranty, durable brackets and the assurance that you can keep using the shelf for a long time to come. Moreover, the price isn’t so bad when you buy additional pull out shelves, and you can get a discount on the bulk offer.

The Financial Benefit of Buying Additional Selves for All Cabinets

When it comes to finances, it’s a good idea to make sure you save as much as possible, especially if you’re looking forward to renovating your home in the summer or to fix areas that were damaged.

Even though buying additional kitchen cabinets for your modular kitchen might not be an exaggerated investment, it can still be pretty expensive in the long run. On the other hand, pull out shelves can maximize the space provided by your existing cabinets, so you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by avoiding buying new ones.

All in all, you can rest assured that local kitchen furniture sellers and online providers will have the kinds of deals and prices that will make buying new and unique kitchen cabinet pull out shelves a real pleasure.

Why Use Organic Lawn Fertilizer – Important Benefits That Make Organic Lawn Care Great

Why use organic lawn fertilizer when there are so many other options available? It all has to do with the seeming “battle” between organic and synthetic compounds. Since mother nature isn’t a big fan of synthetics and the chemicals that they contain, organic compounds are usually the best choice, especially since the price differences aren’t that high.


But what’s really happening when you use organic lawn fertilizer to grow your plants and flowers? We’ll explore the deeper connotations of the answer to that question in the following.


Ecologically Safe and Biodegradable

So why use organic lawn fertilizer when the prices are similar and it really doesn’t seem like there is a difference between organic and chemical? While a lot of homeowners might ask this question, the answer might change at least some of those assumptions, especially when you think about the ecological benefits of organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer is made from natural ingredients, and it’s completely biodegradable. This means there is no harmful chemical residue left off after you use it. As a result, using this type of fertilizer is conducive to better soil and can ensure a healthier ecosystem not only for your plants, but for the various insects and other healthy fauna that helps your flower garden thrive.

results from using organic lawn fertilizer
garden at sunny day

Transforming Your Soil

 Organic lawn fertilizer has the ability to completely transform the quality of your soil, making it more fertile and better able to support strong, healthy plants. Organic treatment doesn’t destroy healthy microbes and beneficial earthworms and fungi. Also, it helps the soil retain moisture more, regenerate faster – in the case of soil previously affected by pollution – and become more porous and crumbly.

Safer and Healthier

Unlike chemical treatment, organic lawn fertilizer is also much healthier for you and your family. Aside from chemicals that might actually be toxic to humans, chemical fertilizer also has the downside of promoting allergens and airborne toxins that can affect your immune system and respiratory system in the long run.

In contrast, using organic fertilizer will take any such issues out of the picture. You’ll find your healthy garden and lawn will be a perfect place for your children to play without worrying about diseases and allergies, and the healthy, clean oxygen produced by your plants will be astonishingly good when it comes to promoting improved health and vitality overall.

Lengthier Action

Finally, a great thing to remember about organic lawn fertilizer is that it stays in the soil much longer than any chemical-based fertilizer products. Rains typically wash chemical fertilizers away regardless of how “high quality” they seem to be. Organic fertilizer, however, goes deep to provide nourishment for your grass and plants far longer, and ensure that they get all the healthy natural compounds they need for a longer life.

Why use organic lawn fertilizer on a general basis? Most experts would say that it’s just the natural thing to do, but when you go deeper to study the science behind how organic fertilizer really works to improve your garden, its benefits become completely undeniable.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Hose Fittings for the Application of Your Choice

When it comes to selecting the right industrial hose fittings, it’s essential to keep a few important details in mind. Identifying and selecting the right type of fitting and thread, making sure the material will withstand the temperature and pressure conditions you aim for and making certain that your new fitting is just right for the type of application you have in mind are a few of the main concerns you have to think about in advance. broken hydraulic hose with industrial fitting

Also, when you’re trying to find the best quality, durable and resilient industrial fittings, finding the best suppliers in town is a crucial requirement. Otherwise, you could run the risk of ending up with a product that costs too much and falls entirely short of the level of value and quality you are looking for.

Identifying the Type of Fitting and Thread You Need

Knowing the type of fitting and thread your hose requires can eliminate a lot of hassle in the long run. Whether you’re dealing with a metric or international thread, or you need to find an O-ring type for high pressure applications, it’s important to have the exact specifications and description.

Once you know what your industrial hose fitting looks like and you can identify the thread, you’re in business. You can then look for the right type of thread and fitting at local suppliers, ask them whether they know someone who can provide you with a good deal on them, and make sure you have a perfect fit well before you agree to reach into your pocket for the cash.

Temperature and Pressure Resistance

Industrial hose fittings have to adhere to certain standards when it comes to pressure and temperature settings. Also, depending on where you need them, the temperature of the fluid they are containing and the occasional pressure levels they have to withstand might be more than what most hoses and fittings are actually designed for.

Knowing what conditions your new fittings will have to withstand is, therefore, of paramount importance. For that purpose, consider the number of PSI and Celsius degrees you’re expecting to have. Also, don’t limit yourself to a lower quality hose fitting that’s somewhere at the temperature or pressure threshold. Spikes or surges can then quickly make them break or crack. So you need to add a few hundred degrees or PSI to your original value, when it comes to making sure the fittings will last over the long haul.

Material and Application

There are two different materials you will have to keep in mind when it comes to industrial hoses and fittings: the material of the liquid you’re running through your industrial or hydraulic machinery and the material that the hose or fitting should be made from in order to withstand its temperature and pressure, and to be the perfect fit when it comes to factors such as its viscosity.

Find the Right Suppliers

Finally, make sure you find the best suppliers when it comes to looking for new industrial hose fittings. Just reading the description page on the supplier’s official website isn’t usually enough. Checking for reviews, doing background checks and making calls to ensure they are up to standard with the latest codes and quality recommendations should also be on your list of priorities.

The Importance of Mesh Fabrics in Ergonomics: How Does a Mesh Office Chair Affect Posture?

How does a mesh office chair affect posture, and what do you need to know about it? Ever since they were first developed, mesh chairs seemed to have a remarkable effect over posture and the amount of time office workers were able to stay seated in one work session without taking any breaks.

Mesh office chairs are designed not only to make seating more comfortable as a result of improved , but also to improve posture and make sure that the people sitting don’t experience any kind of discomfort. While minimizing discomfort is a goal that every chair manufacturer seeks to fulfill, mesh office chairs seemed to have a greater amount of success throughout the years, and for good reason.modern ergonomic office chairs and design

Moving Around and Unusual Postures

When you’re sitting in an office chair, the posture you maintain for a few hours can be important not only for comfort, but for your health as well. Posture is everything, and a mesh office chair doesn’t actually look like it would improve posture any more than other chairs would. Moreover, if you move around a lot even in an ergonomic office chair, you might end up entertaining a bad posture or feeling less supported. That issue also has to be taken into account when it comes to mesh chairs.

So, how does a mesh office chair affect posture? One of the most direct ways is by making certain areas more breathable. The configuration of the mesh is the key here. Certain configurations will improve breathability close to certain areas of the body. This encourages you to maintain a healthy posture, if you want the chair to maintain its maximum breathability level.

As a result, if you move around too much or if you use bad posture, you’ll sweat a lot, and the chair will literally compel you to change your posture.

Long Term Posture Correction with Mesh Office Chairs

The great thing about mesh office chairs is that they can improve long term posture. Because they encourage you to maintain good posture in order to avoid feeling hot and sweating too much, that activity will slowly turn into a habit. In fact, if you’re using a good quality, ergonomic mesh office chair, you won’t even notice that you’re doing it.

As a result, sitting long hours in front of a desk, whether you’re working, studying, doing research or arranging paperwork for the company, will be a lot easier and more satisfying when you’re used to maintaining good posture with a reliable mesh office chair.

The Importance of Quality

Even though you might not be ready to spend more than $150 or so on a new mesh office chair, most experts will recommend that you do it. Subtle details such as ideal shape and mesh configuration will not always be taken into account when dealing with cheaper, lower quality items.

However, by doing more research and choosing a medium price, good quality mesh office chair, you’ll find that the experience you gain from your new chair will surpass that of all office chairs you’ve previously used.

What Are Peel and Reveal Packaging Stickers and How You Can Use Them to Your Advantage?

peel and reveal custom labels Peel and reveal labels are among the trendiest new solutions in packaging and custom label printer designs – here are a few useful details about them, in case you are wondering what are peel and reveal packaging stickers.

What Can Customers Find Out from Peel and Reveal Packaging Stickers?

A peel and reveal sticker is practically a product label that consists of multiple, removable layers. Each layer displays different information about the product it appears on, about the promotion the product is offered in or about the manufacturer or seller of the product. Here are a few of the most typical types of information displayed on peel and reveal labels:

  • On food products – recipes, cooking instructions, nutrition facts, details about the product’s ingredients and its beneficial health effects.
  • On chemical products and pharmaceutical products – warnings, ingredients, health and safety requirements, usage instructions.
  • On household appliances – assembly and usage instructions, warnings, technical information.
  • Information displayed in multiple languages – each layer of the sticker can be used to provide product information is a different language.
  • Peel and reveal stickers are the most common ways to provide coupon codes on any type of product – in most cases, the first layer is used to inform customers about the availability of the code underneath and instructions about how to use the code, while the second layer contains the code itself.

The Benefits of Peel and Reveal Stickers

These modern label solutions are nowadays the preferred choice of marketers in various segments of commerce – here are a few of the benefits of using peel and reveal labels:

  • Saving space – peel and reveal labels offer information in a concise, compact and organized way. Many products, especially food products, cosmetics and chemicals are required by the law to display lots of details about the contents, the ingredients and the usage of the products. However, many of these products are too small for displaying all the required information on labels distributed throughout the package, so the only way to give consumers all the details they need is by adding a peel and reveal label. However, the great space saving features offered by peel and reveal solutions make these labels popular for larger products as well.
  • Attracting attention – peeling the top layer of a label to see what hides underneath is something that many customers find entertaining and intriguing.
  • Making the package design more appealing – peel and reveal stickers can be customized to match the overall design of the packaging they will be applied on. The design possibilities are almost endless – you can use graphics, such as your company logo or artwork that represents your product, you can use custom-shaped and custom-sized labels.

Now that you know what are peel and reveal packaging stickers, you can figure out whether using them could be beneficial for your products and promotions as well – if you find these little, complex stickers useful, think about the structure that will work best for you or turn to a label printing company that provides design services as well.

5 Point Checklist To Build The Ultimate Commerce Store

Most product launchings happen online nowadays so anybody who plans on opening up a website online to sell those products should have the right to know that theirs is not a pipedream. Every aim needs an action plan and so does breaking into the e-Commerce business. The first thing to know and understand is that now is a great time to get your foot in the door as the online retail business is thriving. In today’s day and age and with the aid of the internet, any creative and interested individual can begin to grow a good e-Commerce website without much hesitation towards the problems awaiting. Here are 5 steps that need to be followed for smooth sailin’ into the e-Commerce industry:

1.What to sell and where to get it from

The first big step to take is to figure out which product(s) you’re going to use to identify that niche in the market. You can always look to your skills and interests for starters and later keep expanding as and when it comes. It is also extremely necessary to narrow down a proper list of suppliers and get in touch with them. Reviews and referrals are the two master tools for doing this.

2.Get together the tech required

A handful of things should be clearly sorted beforehand about the technology side of things. The name of your domain should be picked and registered with websites like GoDaddy and a suitable e-Commerce platform needs to be chosen. The name should efficiently convey your shop’s idea.

3.Keep the payments sorted

A choice of the correct payment gateway from all the ones available on the market. You will need to consider factors like the fees the vendor is charging you and is it fixed for all transactions. You need to see what all payment types they are offering and are those right for you. Also if they will let e-Commerce integrate is a factor to consider which might make your life much easier.

4.Marketing plays an integral role

There’s various ways to let people know that your store is the one where they can find whatever it is they’re looking for. Distributing pamphlets is the way our ancestors used to do it but today we need to make sure that we’re on good networks using email, social media and optimization of the website. It is a matter of innovative presentation that will set the ball rolling.

5.Keeping track of business performance

Once your website is up and running, it is essential to measure and keep checking if the website is functioning properly and holding up with the traffic it is facing using tools like Google Analytics. Analysis of the customer’s behaviour and reaction to your site is important and you should pay attention to Average order Value, Cost per acquisition, conversion rate and site traffic.

5 Tips To Improve Your Ecommerce Strategy

It is very clear that in today’s day and age e-Commerce has made its way inside by kicking the door in. It is ruling the world of sales with almost no competition from live sales. Even customers who buy online have been found to be more loyal than those who walk into actual stores. If a mouse button or finger swipe brings the world to their doorstep, then it’s only logical that e-Commerce thrives the way it is. Online sales provide a plethora of opportunities to retailers but the businessmen who seek to ride this wave into the sunset need to address a few pointers and make the most out of it. What is needed to be understood is that opening a new shiny shop online is not difficult, but the difficulty arises in keeping the customers still coming back.

Content is the gravitational force in e-Commerce

Content is your microphone because your website and its articles are the only way you grab your customers attention. It is important to understand that keywords in such content like Orange T-shirt is what drives the traffic to your store because people might specifically search for that online.

Social media is your tout online

Social media interaction boosts sales of an online store by a large number. If a new company doesn’t get on that bus, they’d be missing out for sure. Social media gives the opportunity for word of mouth publicity too which casually increases the traffic on your store. A social media website account gives the chance of getting closer in touch with your clientele and that can only be good because you’d get to hear and implement what they’re saying.

Personally interacting is the key

The immediate next step to joining next step would be developing a more personal and humane relationship with your customer base. A buyer would definitely want a relationship with their seller which is much more than just a transaction, in most cases. Getting to know the customers even a little bit on the personal basis is going to make your brand look more authentic.

Marketing using the Mobile phone

Shopping on the go in something our generation loves to do. Using the mobile phone to buy what you need online let’s people multitask and provides more power. People who are not very comfortable using the desktop might find it much easier to use a mobile phone so it is essential to invest in a responsive web design for the site.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the new trick of the trade

Most people would get to your website by hearing the name somewhere and looking it up on Google and when they do, you’d want the name in the first two pages. Being on the first two pages can either be Organic or by Paying money. Providing all relevant and up to date content lets google know that your website is popular/trusted. Read More

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