About Us

Thank you for stopping by. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I was an electronics specialist in the Air Force from 1967 til 1971. After the war I decided to pursue welding as a career as I had always enjoyed working with my hands. I even worked in Algeria for a time. I mastered pretty much all types of welding and even taught it for a few years. Then I went back out into construction and made and sold hunting knives on the jobs. 

When the oil boom began to slow down in the early ’80’s I became a night club owner with my brother. That was no fun so I began to explore the possibilities of actually making knives for a living. I began making folders in 1984, and found that I could actually make a circuit of gun shows, so my new career was off and running. I soon gained a good following for my folders and fixed blades, but also for my automatics. I was probably the first maker to actually put auto’s out for sale. The lock you see in most of today’s scale and bolster release auto’s was developed by me.

I take pride in the sole authorship of my knives. From the basic design, grinding and assembly, to the embellishments of filework, engraving, and gold plating . I do however, use stainless damascus billets made by great smiths in the industry.

On this site you will find the patterns of the knives I enjoy making the most. But don’t hesitate to ask about creating a piece from your own designs.

I also design some knives for Pro Tech Knives. They are one of the best in small run production companys. I highly recommend them as professionals to deal with, and their products are top notch to own.

If i don’t have what you are looking for in stock and can’t wait, you can usually find my work with many purveyors throughout the country.We do attend the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show, the Blade Show, the Knifemakers Guild Show, the PKA Show, and the Wannemacher Gun Show.

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