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How A Backyard Fire Pit Will Enhance Your Social Life

backyard fire pit

Outdoor fire pits enjoy huge popularity these days. Many people have already recognized the immense benefits of installing a fire pit in their backyard and are now aware of all the wonderful perks that these attractive and highly practical appliances can offer. Here are some of the ways that your backyard fire pit will enhance your social life.

The Opportunity to Invite Friends and Family for An Unforgettable Backyard Grilling

A backyard fire pit is not just an ornamental appliance that will enhance the atmosphere in your backyard. It can serve the very practical purpose of providing the flames for grilling delightful meals. Initially, fire pits used to be simple units the main purpose of which was to serve as mood enhancers, but modern units come with a variety of accessories that make them great alternatives for sophisticated, large grills. Most fire pits do not allow for accurately controlling the temperature delivered by the appliance, but even so, they are great for preparing simple grilled meals, such as marshmallows, grill sausages and potatoes.

Fire in a Pit Is Essential for Summer Evenings

Your fire pit will do an excellent service after darkness by allowing you to continue the party you started with the grilling. Its beautiful fire provided by your pit will surely invite everyone to sit around and lend themselves to the wonderful coziness that only beautiful flames can offer.

Extending the Usability of Your Backyard

A correctly selected fire pit is suitable for extending the period of time that you use your backyard for during the year. Without a fire pit, you will probably use the backyard when the temperatures outside are comfortable, from the end of spring until around the middle of fall. Fire pits deliver not only great atmosphere, but heat as well, therefore they are great for extending the thermal comfort that you and your guests can enjoy in your backyard well into the winter. You can also use your pit for grilling in winter, just be prepared that the process might take much longer.

Your fire pit will make sure that everyone is attracted to your outdoor space, which will allow you to have more guests, to entertain a higher crowd than without a pit, with more people wanting to spend time indoors.

Providing A Focal Point for People to Sit Around

Human beings are naturally attracted to places where there are flames, so you can expect your fire pit to provide the focal point that will attract everyone to sit around. If your backyard is really large and you frequently entertain large crowds of people, you can decide to add not one, but multiple, smaller fire pits to allow little groups to form. However, if your purpose is to gather everyone in one place, consider getting a larger, elaborate fire pit, such as one constructed from natural stone and burning large logs of wood.

Reduced Stress for Your Guests

The sight of fire is known to be excellent for reducing stress, so your fire pit will quickly make you the most popular host in the neighborhood.

How You Can Separate Your Company from The Crowd with A Custom Branded Tent

custom tents

If you have been eying the custom tents used by your competitors and you have been considering getting a tent of your own for some time, you must know that a tent that features the proper design and that uses the right type of graphic materials is actually among the best things that you can invest into if you want to set your company apart from the competition and to create a lasting positive impression on your existing and potential customers. Here are some tips how to achieve that.

Get the Size, Type and Design Right

The tents available for being used for promotional purposes come in a variety of styles and sizes, allowing you to get exactly what you need. The range of available options includes anything from small canopies to large, round or rectangular tents that feature side walls as well, so the first thing that you should do is to get the size and the type right. While browsing available options, take into consideration aspects related to the weather that your tent will have to endure, the number of people that it should typically accommodate and the space available for you to store and to transport the tent from one event to the other.

The next thing you have to take care of is the design featured on and inside your tent. Modern design companies can not only create complex tent designs for you, but they can also help you with printing services, either through their own workshop or through partnerships with printing companies. This means that whatever the design that you work out, you can be sure that it will be featured on your tent in the highest quality.

Pick the Right Type of Events

Custom tents will represent your company at industry and community events, so the best way to make the most of your tent is to pick the events that give you the largest exposure. The location occupied by or tent at the event venue is also very important, so make sure that you book your place in time to have access to prime, central locations.

Host Your Own Event

You can also use your custom branded tent at your own events, setting it up along with attractive decoration an surrounded by attractive furnishing items, where you can welcome your guests and entertain them. Whether the event is to announce an important promotion or to celebrate the opening of a new shop of yours, it is a good idea to welcome your guests with snacks and beverages as well. If you decide to provide food and drinks, your custom tent will be an excellent asset that you can use to provide a Swedish style buffet and to serve refreshments in a comfortable and attractive branded setting.

Build Employee Loyalty

How your employees feel working in your company is not only a factor that influences productivity. Your employees will talk to other people, telling them about your company, so creating an environment in which they feel good can have some branding value as well. Your tent will do an excellent service for this purpose as well – you can use it to host team building events or just simple weekend get-togethers.

Rare Mushrooms That You Can Find in Nature

mushroom spores for sale

Mushrooms are an extremely large family of fungi that include edible and non-edible varieties, large and small varieties, colorful and pale species and many others. While most of us are familiar with the most common mushrooms types, such as with champignons and oyster mushroom, there are some mushroom varieties that are very rare and stand out with some special features – A business that offers mushroom spores for sale says that these rare and interesting varieties that also derive their value from the fact that they are either very difficult or impossible to cultivate, being almost exclusively found in wild environments.


Whether we are speaking of black truffles that come from Europe or white varieties from the US, truffles are currently among the rarest, most special and most expensive mushroom varieties known today. What makes them so special is the difficulty of finding them – unlike other mushroom varieties, truffles do not grow on the surface of the substrate, but underground, with no apparent sign of their presence on the soil surface. Being invisible, truffles need special qualities to find, that is why truffle harvesters use dogs or pigs to sniff out and to dig out their truffles.

Porcini Mushrooms

Though known and appreciated all over the world, Porcini mushrooms are used in many recipes that can benefit from the special, pleasant flavor and from the large size of the cap.

Matsutake Mushrooms

The Japanese mushroom variety is highly sought for and appreciated for its spicy, strong flavor. The variety is not cultivated, its most abundant habitats being in East and Southeast Asia as well as in Europe, most notably in Finland, Estonia, Norway and Poland. Matsutake mushrooms are notoriously expensive due not only to the impossibility of cultivation, but also to the difficulty of finding them, their preferred homes being in the areas under trees that are covered in thick vegetation.

Yartsa Gunbu

The world’s most expensive and probably the rarest mushroom species comes from Asia. Yartsa Gunbu is known for thousands of years for its medicinal benefits, used especially as an aphrodisiac. The mushroom is also known as the caterpillar fungus for a very peculiar feature: the fungus lives underground and it lives by infecting the body of a special type of caterpillar. The fungus first infests its host, then kills it and grows out of it. The special features of the mushroom, combined with the difficulty of finding it accounts for its exorbitant price (the standard price for a single ounce can reach a few thousand dollars) and has made it a status symbol not only in Asia, but in Europe and in America as well.


Another wonderful, tasty and attractive mushroom variety, chanterelles used to be found only wild, but nowadays they are successfully cultivated as well. However, cultivation is difficult and yields are small, therefore chanterelles are still pricey. Many mushroom enthusiasts still consider them delicacies worth saving up for – their beautiful, golden-yellow color, their frilly, trumpet-like caps, their unmistakable, mild, yet dominant taste account for that popularity.


Why An Out-Of-House Accounting Firm May Be Right for Your Business

quickbooks accountant Highlands Ranch

One of the most important challenges encountered by businesses, especially by start-ups and small businesses, but for larger companies as well, is accountancy. In an attempt to solve the problem, business owners usually weigh two options: hiring an in-house accountant versus doing their own books. The first solution being so expensive, many business owners try to learn accountancy on their own, spending lots of time on learning accountancy best practices and doing the actual books, even though they have a third solution at their disposal: to outsource accounting tasks to an out-of-house company. Here are the benefits of choosing this third solution.

Reduced Expenses

Many business owners, especially the owners of small businesses, are surprised to see the actual cost savings of outsourcing accountancy tasks. If you hire an accountancy firm, you will be paying the company’s service fees only, which are usually much lower than the salaries, taxes, office supplies and overheads related to having a full-time or even a part-time accountant on your payroll.

Saving Time

Not having to take care of your own accountancy leaves much more time on your hand to focus on your core business activities, which means that outsourcing the accountancy will help you focus your energies on what you do best and on what only you can do: your business.

Access to Expert Advice and Consultancy

Accountancy firms will not only create correct records of your revenue and spending to prepare tax documents and to provide other financial statement – you can also turn to an accountancy company for help with long-term financial planning, tax planning and other types of consultancy.

Peace of Mind

Turning to an accounting firm will also give you the peace of mind that your accountant knows exactly how to process your numbers correctly, how to fill and submit your tax documents the right way. Accountancy companies also pay lots of attention to provide their specialists with the continuous education they need to stay up to date about any legislative or procedural changes that might affect how your accounting is handled.

A Varied Service Range

Accounting is the process of preparing tax documents and financial statements and records. While it is surely among the most important activities in the field of your corporate finances, it is hardly the only one. Most accounting companies provide a service range that also encompasses all the other important tasks, such as bookkeeping (the process of registering transactions to provide information for the accounting process) and payroll (the process of recording payroll data, such as salaries, bonuses, commissions, payroll taxes, vacation days and sick days, etc.). A quickbooks accountant Highlands Ranch specialist can provide invaluable services for your small business.

With an accounting service, businesses can benefit from a customized approach that allows them to choose the services they need and only the services they need. If your company’s growth requires you to scale the accountancy services you hire your company for, you can discuss your changed needs with your accountant team and figure out the best and most affordable way to extend the range of services you are paying for.

What to Look for When Hiring a Human Resources Consulting Firm

Outsource human resources

How do you know that you’ve hired the right HR experts or that your company’s HR strategy is in line with the expectations of your workers and with OSHA regulations? According to most experts, the answer is to outsource human resources to a professional human resource consulting firm that can advise you properly regarding these issues and ensure that your business has the most effective strategy to create a win-win situation between management and your employees.

Finding the Right HR Consulting Company

In order to achieve the goals mentioned above, it’s essential to hire an HR consulting firm that will be ideally suited to what you need from them.

First, the company needs to have experience working together with businesses like the one you own. There are very different issues to be had when you’re running a construction company, for example, compared to running a retail business or a manufacturing company. Workers have various issues that can differ greatly. For instance, construction workers might complain of dangerous working conditions, while the employees of an insurance company might consider that their intellectual abilities are underused on the position they have. An experienced HR specialist will know how to advise you in handling such issues in the most tactful and efficient way possible.

Another thing you need to look for is good organization and an ability to take care of the problems of workers swiftly. Ideally, HR consulting companies will already have a few strategies lined up to help you make sure that all your employees are given a voice and that their problems – as well as yours – can be handled efficiently without any unreasonable delays.

Finally, today’s workforce requires more of an emotionally aware approach, especially if most of your employees are millennaials and other young people. You have to make sure that your HR strategies take into account the mental and emotional health of your employees, so that for example, a person suffering from mild depression or PTSD will not be assigned tasks or placed into a position where such mental challenges will lead to greater stress or additional health problems.

The Crucial Importance of Experience

When you’re dealing with complaints regarding working conditions in your office or you’re having difficulty recruiting workers because candidates don’t feel your company is “employee-friendly,” that’s when the experience of the people working for your HR consulting firm will show the most.

You have to make sure that they have the right approach regarding tried and tested strategies for dealing with every type of employee. If one of your employees has anger issues, the company should be able to advise you on how to minimize volatile issues and find the right solutions (such as therapy or anger management). If employees feel that they are underpaid or their working conditions are too difficult, you need to be provided with insight on how to best approach negotiations.

All of these are issues that an experienced team of human resources consulting experts will be able to help you with. Once you find the company that fits your requirements to the best extent possible, you’ll find that everything will work out much more smoothly than before.

Why Use Organic Compost in My Garden?

garden compost

Whether purchased in the nearby garden store or made by you, recycling household waste, organic compost makes an excellent, all-around fertilizer that can be used on any type of plant and brings some unique benefits. Here they are.

Compost Gives Your Plants Almost Everything They Need

The three most important nutrients that plants need to thrive are nitrogen, needed for leaf growth, phosphorous, needed for root development and potassium, needed for hardiness. Compost contains all three as well as calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc and other minerals needed for spectacular plant development. However, most plants need more nitrogen than the amount contained in compost, so it might be a good idea to supplement that element.

Compost Improves Soil Texture and Quality

Another important benefit of using compost is for the soil. Compost contains lots of fibers and other pieces of cellulose that enhance the soil’s ability to retain water and that also makes the soil more aerated, both features being essential for healthy plant development.

Soil that has improved absorbent qualities is also soil that is less sensitive to erosion, therefore the application of compost is a great way to prevent soil erosion on sloping terrain.

Compost being all-organic, it is excellent feed for the bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that live in soil and that work to make the soil fertile and without whom plants could not take nutrients from the soil. 

Reduced Irrigation Needs  

Soil that treated with compost is able to retain moisture more efficiently, which also means that it needs less additional irrigation in summer, being able to supply plants with sufficient moisture even during drought periods. Reduced irrigation needs also means that you will need to spend less money on watering your garden or plot of land.

Stronger Plants, More Resistance to Disease

The microbes so efficiently fed by compost also destroy the pathogens and contaminants that threaten plants. Compost is known to be able to bind heavy metals and they can degrade pesticides and preservatives and other harmful substances. As a result, the plants that grow in soil fertilized with compost are stronger, healthier and cleaner – an aspect of special importance in the case of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Easy to Apply

Compost is very easy to apply – all you need is to spread it on the soil in a layer that is 1-3 inches thick. Ideally, you should spread your compost before tilling to ensure that the soil in your garden beds is fertile by the time you start planting.

Safe for Your Loved Ones and the Environment

Compost is safe for the environment, and for your family and pets too. When applying organic garden compost in your garden, you can rest assured that nothing will happen to your dog if it’s tempted to sniff, dig or taste it, and they won’t do any harm do your children either in case they touch it. Also, compost does not run off into waterways as easily as synthetic fertilizers do, so it won’t harm marine life or water quality either.

How to Quickly Find a Reliable Microsoft Azure Provider in Charlotte, NC

Microsoft Azure provider in Charlotte NC

When it comes to using Microsoft products like Azure, you might run into a lot of difficulties. The main issue is not necessarily that Azure makes your workflow difficult – on the contrary, it can greatly help your business improve and thrive – but that it consists of about 200 different tools, and in the case of some of them, you’ll need the support of a dependable Azure provider to learn how to implement and use them for your business.

Where Should You Start?

Charlotte, NC is a great place to find a dependable and knowledgeable Microsoft Azure provider and counseling service. You can start by checking local directories that provide information and contact details on local services and can help you select the one that’s best for your company.

Whether it’s your goal to use AI in order to improve your business, or you’re just looking to benefit from the basic platform with features such as advanced security and improved cloud analytics, you’ll find it easy to locate the perfect Microsoft Azure service by keeping track of what you need and comparing different Charlotte based services depending on what they can offer and how relevant their solutions are to your business and workflow.

Determine What You Want

You have to create a list that will include every service and every part of the Azure platform that you need help with. Do you already have employees that specialize in certain software like the networking or CDN services? In that case, you might not need to outsource for better support in those areas; however, you might still need help with security, cloud computing, IoT data and other aspects.

Make your list as detailed as possible, and if necessary, do some research on all the different components of the Azure platform. That way, you will have a clear basis and an essential resource for comparing Microsoft Azure providers in Charlotte NC.

Comparing Services

To compare services, start by looking up the official website or making a note of the description of the Azure businesses that you want to consider. The goal is to find information about what they specialize in regarding the Microsoft Azure platform and which specific tools they can help you master the quickest. Some might specialize in hybrid cloud solutions, while others are better at handling security services or AI machine learning. This is where the details associated with the list you made will really come in handy.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search for Azure cloud services, it’s time to do the heavy lifting of actually comparing their companies and services. Check to see which of them has the most experience with Azure. Also, it would help to find out if you’re dealing with a larger company with impersonal support or a smaller business that offers a more dedicated service with specific focus on the Azure platform. The latter would generally be a better option, if you want to make sure you get the best support.

Ultimately, you’ll also know which Azure provider offers the best support based on reviews and testimonials from company representatives that have had firsthand experience with the company. By reading through accounts and complaints you can form a clear picture of which Charlotte, NC company will suit your business best.


Turn Up the Volume on Your Pool Party with a Quality Set of Waterproof Speakers

volume up bluetooth speakers waterproof outdoor fun


As you prepare for your exciting pool party, you’ll want to make sure all the details are accounted for. When it comes to the music, you might want to consider using a pair of high quality waterproof speakers for creating an impressive stereo sound system that just floats on top of your pool. Alternatively, you can even turn your entire pool into a larger system featuring a much greater number of outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speakers.


Preparations for Your Exciting Pool Party


As you prepare for your pool party, you’ll want to make sure that you have invitations for all your guests and that you have the area where the party will be held properly prepared. The swimming pool will be the central player, as you’ll definitely want to make sure that it’s completely clean, that there’s no problem with the lighting and that the guests will have enough areas to sit and mingle.


You might consider your backyard oasis, if your pool is located there, or you could have a beautiful garden in your front yard right next to your barbecue, outdoor kitchen and swimming pool. Regardless of the layout, make sure that the area is clean, well-decorated and ready to receive some guests.


If you have kids, you might want to consider leaving them with your parents for the night or having a babysitter over and making sure that they don’t stay up past their bedtime even if there’s music playing downstairs.


Also, don’t forget to plan for quality food and snacks, your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, pool accessories that your guests will love (such as beer holders, LED lights and waterproof playing cards), and of course, the music playlist that you’ll be playing during the party.


How Waterproof Speakers Can Improve your Experience


Waterproof speakers can turn your pool party from moderately fun to completely ecstatic and happening. Aside from the fact that they will turn your swimming pool into a fun dance floor alight with colorful LET lighting that comes from the speakers themselves as well as the underwater lights you’ve set up beforehand, the speakers will also float around as they’re carried by the water current created by people swimming around, so the 3D sound experience will keep on changing.


If you set up a sound system controlled through Bluetooth from your smartphone and featuring a number of different waterproof speakers, you can make them sound even more amazing by placing only a few of them into the water and keeping some of them hidden in various places around the swimming pool, in the garden, on trees and walls and on various surfaces. If it’s night time, the magic effect will be complete when you cover or turn off the lights on some of the speakers, so it will seem like the sound is just coming from everywhere all at once.


Your wireless waterproof speakers basically have the potential to steal the show, and they can really get the party going if you give them a real chance to do so.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hiring an Executive Headhunter?

recruitment agencies

Hiring an executive recruiter or headhunter can be a very practical solution to the issue of how to populate your company with a capable workforce. Unfortunately, as with any type of outsourcing, it doesn’t always work. So let’s take a closer look at exactly what the strong and weak points are to hiring an executive recruiter, and whether or not you should consider it.

The Benefits of Hiring an Executive Headhunter

When you hire an executive headhunter or recruitment agencies, you might think that outsourcing the job of finding new talent for your company is not a good idea. However, once you find out just how much the best executive recruitment agencies can do for you, it could be that you’ll change your mind entirely:

  • You won’t have to waste time on setting up job interviews or waste resources and manpower in assigning the task to your own employees.
  • Recruiters are typically better at finding new candidates than even your HR department, so they might actually be a better option overall.
  • A reliable recruiter can easily spot a candidate trying to sneak his/her way into your company by faking their skills or being overconfident.
  • You won’t have to worry about screening candidates or coming up with unique, relevant lists of questions for the job interviews, as the company will take care of all that for you.
  • Many recruiters also have their own locations for conducting interviews and tests, so they won’t have to use up your training areas to do all that.

Considering the Disadvantages

Finding executive recruitment agencies might be a great idea in most cases, however it’s not always an endeavor that is crowned with success. While there are no objective disadvantages to hiring an executive recruiter, there may be some cons involved with the specific process of finding candidates for your company.

Since every recruitment process is unique, in some cases the involvement of an executive recruiter can lead to an impaired effort. For example, if the company can’t understand your vision and the unique positions that you’re making available for candidates, then they could recommend the wrong candidates in the first place. Alternatively, it’s possible that the recruitment process will drag on, especially when the company isn’t sure of what approach might be best.

In such cases, it’s typically best for you and your most trusted managers to conduct job interviews yourself and avoid outsourcing the task to a recruiter.

The Bottom Line

An executive headhunter will not be suitable for all types of jobs, and there are specific jobs where you will have to use your own vision and find the right candidate yourself. However, when finding workers for most positions, the presence of an executive recruiter can really help you out by saving you a lot of time, money and resources overall.

A convenient solution to a question that is never too easy to answer, hiring an executive recruiter can be an excellent asset, so long as you do your research properly, hire the right expert, and are able to properly convey the message about what you really need.

How to Find Cost Effective Commercial Lighting

The new LED lighting technology is addressed to residential, commercial and industrial consumers. It has evolved a lot, considering that 10 years ago, LED lighting was very expensive and its efficiency was much lower.

LEDs were initially used for decorative lighting with LED strips and low power LED bulbs. Over time, renowned electronic equipment manufacturers have been involved in the development of the new technology, managing to increase the efficiency of LEDs, developing technologies that reach even up to 180 lumens per watt.

Currently, LEDs are used in many applications: home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, street lighting, sports arena lighting etc.

There is a lot to say about commercial lighting, but LED lighting is an excellent solution not only due to energy savings, but also due to the Color Rendering Index. If the CRI is not high enough, then the color of the clothes / shoes / food displayed in the stores is distorted, and when customers go out in daylight they will be disappointed with the purchased products, which will look different than inside the store.

The color temperature also matters when it comes to effective commercial lighting. It is measured in Kelvin degrees. Manufacturers come up with LEDs in various color temperatures, between 2700K and 12000K. It would be advisable for a store not to opt for either too warm or too cold light. Somewhere between 4000K and 5000K white light is similar to daylight and represents the ideal choice.

These are the things that make the difference, but the most important criteria are maintenance and reducing the electricity costs. It is much more convenient replace a bulb once every 5 years, than to change bulbs every month (incandescent, halogen, economic bulbs – they all have significantly reduced life spans compared to LED bulbs). As about consumption, a 100W incandescent bulb can be successfully replaced with a LED bulb of maximum 9W, because the luminous flux can make the difference.

wholesale LED lighting

What should the customer pay attention to, when choosing led bulbs and fixtures for commercial lighting?

People must pay attention to the quality of the LEDs. However, the average consumer cannot realize the quality at first sight. A quality LED projector and a seemingly mediocre LED projector look the same, but if you are curious to open them, inside you will notice differences in the LED chip, transformer, radiator etc.

How can you find affordable commercial lighting?

When you have a commercial space, you need a lot of light bulbs and lighting fixtures, so buying them can be quite expensive. Choosing LED technology will allow you to make substantial savings on the long run. But in addition, you can opt for purchasing commercial lighting in bulk, from wholesalers. They sell wholesale LED lighting products purchased directly from the manufacturers and the prices will obviously be lower. In addition, you can benefit from advice to identify the best lighting options for your needs, and also from discounts if you become a loyal customer or buy products of a certain value.

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