What Are Peel and Reveal Packaging Stickers and How You Can Use Them to Your Advantage?

peel and reveal custom labels Peel and reveal labels are among the trendiest new solutions in packaging and custom label printer designs – here are a few useful details about them, in case you are wondering what are peel and reveal packaging stickers.

What Can Customers Find Out from Peel and Reveal Packaging Stickers?

A peel and reveal sticker is practically a product label that consists of multiple, removable layers. Each layer displays different information about the product it appears on, about the promotion the product is offered in or about the manufacturer or seller of the product. Here are a few of the most typical types of information displayed on peel and reveal labels:

  • On food products – recipes, cooking instructions, nutrition facts, details about the product’s ingredients and its beneficial health effects.
  • On chemical products and pharmaceutical products – warnings, ingredients, health and safety requirements, usage instructions.
  • On household appliances – assembly and usage instructions, warnings, technical information.
  • Information displayed in multiple languages – each layer of the sticker can be used to provide product information is a different language.
  • Peel and reveal stickers are the most common ways to provide coupon codes on any type of product – in most cases, the first layer is used to inform customers about the availability of the code underneath and instructions about how to use the code, while the second layer contains the code itself.

The Benefits of Peel and Reveal Stickers

These modern label solutions are nowadays the preferred choice of marketers in various segments of commerce – here are a few of the benefits of using peel and reveal labels:

  • Saving space – peel and reveal labels offer information in a concise, compact and organized way. Many products, especially food products, cosmetics and chemicals are required by the law to display lots of details about the contents, the ingredients and the usage of the products. However, many of these products are too small for displaying all the required information on labels distributed throughout the package, so the only way to give consumers all the details they need is by adding a peel and reveal label. However, the great space saving features offered by peel and reveal solutions make these labels popular for larger products as well.
  • Attracting attention – peeling the top layer of a label to see what hides underneath is something that many customers find entertaining and intriguing.
  • Making the package design more appealing – peel and reveal stickers can be customized to match the overall design of the packaging they will be applied on. The design possibilities are almost endless – you can use graphics, such as your company logo or artwork that represents your product, you can use custom-shaped and custom-sized labels.

Now that you know what are peel and reveal packaging stickers, you can figure out whether using them could be beneficial for your products and promotions as well – if you find these little, complex stickers useful, think about the structure that will work best for you or turn to a label printing company that provides design services as well.

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