Why Use Organic Lawn Fertilizer – Important Benefits That Make Organic Lawn Care Great

Why use organic lawn fertilizer when there are so many other options available? It all has to do with the seeming “battle” between organic and synthetic compounds. Since mother nature isn’t a big fan of synthetics and the chemicals that they contain, organic compounds are usually the best choice, especially since the price differences aren’t that high.


But what’s really happening when you use organic lawn fertilizer to grow your plants and flowers? We’ll explore the deeper connotations of the answer to that question in the following.


Ecologically Safe and Biodegradable

So why use organic lawn fertilizer when the prices are similar and it really doesn’t seem like there is a difference between organic and chemical? While a lot of homeowners might ask this question, the answer might change at least some of those assumptions, especially when you think about the ecological benefits of organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer is made from natural ingredients, and it’s completely biodegradable. This means there is no harmful chemical residue left off after you use it. As a result, using this type of fertilizer is conducive to better soil and can ensure a healthier ecosystem not only for your plants, but for the various insects and other healthy fauna that helps your flower garden thrive.

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Transforming Your Soil

 Organic lawn fertilizer has the ability to completely transform the quality of your soil, making it more fertile and better able to support strong, healthy plants. Organic treatment doesn’t destroy healthy microbes and beneficial earthworms and fungi. Also, it helps the soil retain moisture more, regenerate faster – in the case of soil previously affected by pollution – and become more porous and crumbly.

Safer and Healthier

Unlike chemical treatment, organic lawn fertilizer is also much healthier for you and your family. Aside from chemicals that might actually be toxic to humans, chemical fertilizer also has the downside of promoting allergens and airborne toxins that can affect your immune system and respiratory system in the long run.

In contrast, using organic fertilizer will take any such issues out of the picture. You’ll find your healthy garden and lawn will be a perfect place for your children to play without worrying about diseases and allergies, and the healthy, clean oxygen produced by your plants will be astonishingly good when it comes to promoting improved health and vitality overall.

Lengthier Action

Finally, a great thing to remember about organic lawn fertilizer is that it stays in the soil much longer than any chemical-based fertilizer products. Rains typically wash chemical fertilizers away regardless of how “high quality” they seem to be. Organic fertilizer, however, goes deep to provide nourishment for your grass and plants far longer, and ensure that they get all the healthy natural compounds they need for a longer life.

Why use organic lawn fertilizer on a general basis? Most experts would say that it’s just the natural thing to do, but when you go deeper to study the science behind how organic fertilizer really works to improve your garden, its benefits become completely undeniable.

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