Advantages To Using Dry Pet Stain Powders?

Hardwood Floors Carpeting Best Pet Urine CleanerThe problem of urinating in places they are not allowed (bed, sofa, carpet) frequently occurs in pets, even when they are trained. Sometimes it is about carelessness, other times about some health problems you animal confronts with. In any case, urine stains are a very unpleasant thing to deal with, especially since the smell is going to last a long time, even after you think you have cleaned the, and that is because the regular cleaning solutions can only dilute the urine and temporarily mask the smell.

Pet urine, especially if it soaks into porous surfaces and textile materials (carpets, upholstery, etc.) is very difficult to get rid try the best cleaner for dog urine on hardwood floors. You can bloat a fresh urine stain and use additional cleaning products to dilute it further, but some compounds will remain there, deep into the material or surface your pet urinated on, and will continue to produce the specific smell you want so badly to get rid of.

What should be done in this case?

First of all, you need to purchase a special detergent. We recommend dry pet stain powders, because there are significant benefits related to them:


Dry pet stain powders are formulated with enzyme, which are organic compounds, present in living cells, which direct the processes of synthesis and degradation in the organisms of humans, animals, plants and microorganisms. Thanks to the enzymes, we obtain a thorough and total cleaning, compared to the classic products.


We are often convinced that the chemical cleaning solutions that we have at home are stronger than enzyme-based alternatives, but that is not the case. Enzymes feed on organic compounds, so they will break down the urine stain and consume it until nothing is left. Using the enzymes in the process of cleaning the various interior surfaces ensures real cleaning performance, as well as the protection of the user, these products having a neutral pH.


Enzymes, together with the renewable raw materials used in the formulation of this type of cleaning solutions, create innovative formulas that protect the environment, combining efficiency and respect for nature. In addition, these products are safe for humans, pets and plants.

Other benefits of dry pet stain powders

  • Efficiency against stains and foul smell of urine
  • Preventing pets from urinating again in the same place; this is possible because these enzymatic products break down uric acid crystals for complete elimination, and, in the end, the smell of urine will no longer be noticeable, not even for the animals. Also, some of these products also contain pheromone blockers, which play the same role in preventing recurrences.
  • No alcohol or solvent content
  • High efficiency against fresh stains but also against old and already dry stains
  • Urine stains are removed without leaving traces, on hard or soft surfaces
  • Dry pet stain powders are recommended by veterinarians

Using such products and get the desired results is in strict compliance with the manufacturer`s recommendations printed on each packaging. Make sure you respect them, otherwise, there is a risk that certain surfaces will be damaged in the process.

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