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What are the Best Mobility Scooters

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For people who need stability and extra support, a 3-wheel electric medical scooter is extremely useful. It is indicated mostly for those who cannot move around so easily anymore because of mobility issues, allowing them to easily reach the yard, stores, community centers and park. With the help of such a device, the quality of life of people who spend a lot of time in bed or who cannot move for various reasons will definitely increase.

There are several types of scooters, according to size, functionalities and brands, but a medium-sized scooter, with standard equipment is probably the most suitable choice. Such a scooter is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors and has a comfortable and padded seat, seatback for supporting lumbar area and a shopping basket.

The control is ensured by a dashboard, in the handlebar area. There is no need for special permits or registration to use a medical 3-wheel electric scooter, because its 180W engine with transmission will only reach about 9 km/ h. The small and hard wheels measure about 20 cm and allow relatively easy passage over bumps. This type of scooter has 12 Ah batteries that charge in about 6 hours. An average scooter carries loads up to 150 kg and it has front lighting with LEDs, as well as brakes for safe circulation on public roads.

In general, medium-sized scooters can be disassembled for  easy transportation in the trunk of a car and convenient storage.

Used medical scooters – are they worth being considered?

Used medical scooters can be found online, on the sales listing pages. However, in order to buy a good product, at a decent price, we suggest you to thoroughly investigate each offer, as prices are often inflated and become very close to the prices of new products. Also, considering that when you shop online, you mostly buy from people and not from companies, you are very unlikely to receive a warranty, so you will not be covered if the device fails once you have purchased it.

Rarely, you can find models sold at low prices by people for whom they are no longer needed, but such ads are rare and require some luck to be discovered.

Medical scooters for rent

If the person using the scooter only has some temporary medical problems, it would be better to consider a medical mobility scooter Denver rental option, as it is more cost-effective than purchasing one. There are companies that rent medical scooters, and the rates vary greatly depending on the models, performance and additional equipment. In order to rent a medical scooter, you will have to provide information about the user (the height and weight), the intended use (indoor, outdoor), as well as the location where it will be delivered and from where it will be taken at the end of the rental period.

Questions you should ask before renting a medical scooter:

  • What happens if the battery discharges while I use the scooter?
  • What scooter size you recommend me?
  • Do you offer cancellation insurance or scooter damage insurance? If not, what happens if I have to cancel my trip for which I rented the scooter, or if the scooter is lost or damaged?