Commercial Lighting

How to Find Cost Effective Commercial Lighting

The new LED lighting technology is addressed to residential, commercial and industrial consumers. It has evolved a lot, considering that 10 years ago, LED lighting was very expensive and its efficiency was much lower.

LEDs were initially used for decorative lighting with LED strips and low power LED bulbs. Over time, renowned electronic equipment manufacturers have been involved in the development of the new technology, managing to increase the efficiency of LEDs, developing technologies that reach even up to 180 lumens per watt.

Currently, LEDs are used in many applications: home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, street lighting, sports arena lighting etc.

There is a lot to say about commercial lighting, but LED lighting is an excellent solution not only due to energy savings, but also due to the Color Rendering Index. If the CRI is not high enough, then the color of the clothes / shoes / food displayed in the stores is distorted, and when customers go out in daylight they will be disappointed with the purchased products, which will look different than inside the store.

The color temperature also matters when it comes to effective commercial lighting. It is measured in Kelvin degrees. Manufacturers come up with LEDs in various color temperatures, between 2700K and 12000K. It would be advisable for a store not to opt for either too warm or too cold light. Somewhere between 4000K and 5000K white light is similar to daylight and represents the ideal choice.

These are the things that make the difference, but the most important criteria are maintenance and reducing the electricity costs. It is much more convenient replace a bulb once every 5 years, than to change bulbs every month (incandescent, halogen, economic bulbs – they all have significantly reduced life spans compared to LED bulbs). As about consumption, a 100W incandescent bulb can be successfully replaced with a LED bulb of maximum 9W, because the luminous flux can make the difference.

wholesale LED lighting

What should the customer pay attention to, when choosing led bulbs and fixtures for commercial lighting?

People must pay attention to the quality of the LEDs. However, the average consumer cannot realize the quality at first sight. A quality LED projector and a seemingly mediocre LED projector look the same, but if you are curious to open them, inside you will notice differences in the LED chip, transformer, radiator etc.

How can you find affordable commercial lighting?

When you have a commercial space, you need a lot of light bulbs and lighting fixtures, so buying them can be quite expensive. Choosing LED technology will allow you to make substantial savings on the long run. But in addition, you can opt for purchasing commercial lighting in bulk, from wholesalers. They sell wholesale LED lighting products purchased directly from the manufacturers and the prices will obviously be lower. In addition, you can benefit from advice to identify the best lighting options for your needs, and also from discounts if you become a loyal customer or buy products of a certain value.